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international is held annually in november on the campus of miami dade college. book tv will be live from miami next weekend providing over 14 hours of coverage. visit for a complete schedule. first, tom wolfe. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] .. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> ladies and gentlemen, we will be momentarily starting the program. please, come in, find a seat so we can get started on time. thank you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> ladies and gentlemen, we will be momentarily starting. if you are just entering, please, find a seat so we can start. and if at any point during the program during the question and answer time if you wish to ask a question,
on the technically remain too close to call. miami-dade county is counting 20,000 absentee ballots they tell us. that's what they're counting right now. that's in miami-dade. that largest chunk of vote. if that breaks away the way they're going, it's impossible. i guess nothing's impossible. president obama is going to get that one too. it'll be 323 electoral votes when all is s if you will. i want to go to ohio because ohio was a big deal at the time. what was interesting here is where the margins were. it was all wasn't -- this was reduplicating the map. here's what the county map looksnow. i'll go to 2008. if anything, he did better in coal country as you can see. and you see the blue goes away over here. romney did what he had to do. he ranthe problem is right here. it was margins inuyahoga plus underperforming with whiteey working class men in the auto belt here. these two areas also swing. and those swing for mitt romney as well either. he kep up the margins in his home turf but hehe swing areas. one of the interesting things about the s this stayed president. jefferson co
'm -- [inaudible] >> welcome. [applause]on b on behalf of all of us with thee miami book fair, we want to welcome you to the 29th book fair, believe it or not. [applause] this is a remarkable it takes the work of literally hundreds and hundreds of volunteers. we have a remarkable board of directors who work extremely hard at doing this year round. . none of this at all could happen without the good, good support of everyone here at miami-dade college, and let's give them a huge round of applause. [applause] >> and we're particularly appreciative of the sponsors. without the sponsors and the funding from foundations and governmental agencies, we would not be able to bring you all this wonderful literary extravaganza. >> and, of course, our friends. many of you are friends to have miami book fair. and a way that you can support this book fair and make sure that it goes on for another 29 years as well. [applause] if you, if you look at downstairs, there's a friends booth, and you're more than welcome to sign up if you'd like. i'd also like to tell you that make sure you pick up a fair
of us with the miami book fair, we want to youe welcome you to the 29th book not fair.applause] this is a remarkable undertaking. it takes the work of literally hundreds and hundreds of volunteers. we have a remarkable board of directors who work extremely hard at doing this year round. none of this at all could happen without the good, good support of everyone here at miami-dade college, and let's give them a huge round of applause. [applause] >> and we're particularly appreciative of the sponsors. without the sponsors and the funding from foundations and governmental agencies, we would not be able to bring you all this wonderful literary extravaganza. >> and, of course, our friends. many of you are friends to have miami book fair. and a way that you can support this book fair and make sure that it goes on for another 29 years as well. [applause] if you, if you look at downstairs, there's a friends booth, and you're more than welcome to sign up if you'd like. i'd also like to tell you that make sure you pick up a fairgoers' guide on your way out. we have a remarkable
>> filas y filas y mas filas >> en el condado de miami >> ya sabemos lo que viene >> precisamente esta incomodidad que quizas no aprovechen el voto anticipado >> ademas de supervisar las elecciones del 6 de noviembre todo para evitar la descriminacion >> las leyes protegen el acceso de todos los ciudadanos >> las largas filas no tienen nada que ver con la discriminacion >> lo que pasa es que este año ha sido el doble quienes quieren votar >> va recibir una libreta de 5 paginas el que vaya a votar >> aseguranq que las razones de scroot son electivas >> el monitoreo dice que se vera por que no se limite solo al condado de miami >> registrarse para votar en california es mas facil que en otros lados >> muchos de los registrados son hispanos >> 18 millones de registrados para votar en el condado de california >> ademas del beneficio de registro por internet >> mas de 1.500 de votantes nuevos que se registran por internet >> los que estan registrados son la mayoria latinos imigrantes >> esto es algo muyt importante para el estado >> una reciente encuesta encontro que si hoy fuera lo mismo
library in southwest miami-dade is closed but there are still hundreds of people waiting to cast their ballots. >> way is in line for about five hours. a long time. >> the longest lines in miami-dade had been here in miami gardens and from miramar to downtown to aventura to miami beach, the lines have all been long. >> how long did you wait? >> i waited seven hours in the line. >> at miami-dade election headquarters, line it early votes snaked around the building and ranged from five to as much as eight hours. >> it was exhausting. >> democrats filed an emergency lawsuit to extend early voting in several counties and some county elections officials tried to fix the situation. using a little known voting law that lets people cast in person absentee ballots. but even that quickly turned sour when overwhelmed poll watchers tried and failed to shut down the line. >> let us vote! let us vote! let us vote! >> a miami harold reporter tweeted minute by minute unfolding of the chaos. quote, no word yet from the mayor's office from the headquarters which locked the doors with voters chanti
a total of eight and a half hours to vote in miami-dade county. happy saturday. welcome to democracy, florida style. i don't know how you spent your saturday night. in miami thousands of people appear to have spent thard night standing in line waiting to vote. everybody who got in line before the polls closed at 7:00 was supposed to be allowed to vote last night. at miami-dade, the wait was still several hours long. o the last voter in miami-dade county checked into the voting place at 1:00 in the morning. have been there a minimum of six hours already by the time they checked in to vote. voting is not supposed to work like this. i'm not sure democracy as an institution or the way we choose our leaders can work like this. you are not supposed to need to bring food and water and a chair dmord to vote. you're not supposed to need an entire day off work or a sitter to watch your kid all day long in order to vote. that's what gov por rick scott said would be just fine. after seeing long lines, especially in south florida. after seeing long, long, long lines, he said, let's make them long
championship. tonight the hokies got a hurricane-size dose of harsh reality, thumped by miami, virginia tech sits at 4-5 and must win two of the last three to become bowl eligible. tech and miami's seasons both disappointing. first quarter, no score, uh-oh, bad snap and the punt is fwloked. miami recovers and for a team that takes great pride in special teams, frank beamer certainly not beaming after that play. miami capitalizes, the touchdown. hokies down 7-0. then in the second quarter, now 14-3, tech quarterback logan thomas with the keeper right up the gut and dare i say nobody in sight. 73 yards for the touchdown. the 16th rushing touchdown of his career, more than former hokie michael vick. thomas had 120 yards on the ground but he was inconsistent through the air. miami wins in a rout 30-12, the final. >> maryland soccer ranked number 1 in the country, lost for the first time in 17 matches, falling to wake forest 4-2. let's hit the helipad. now back to miami, the marlins hired mike redman to be their new manager, a former catcher who once played for the marlins. patriots traded with t
, para elk nuevo presidente de los estados unidos . >> y controversias, jeny padura de miami con los detalles. >> un día soleado con temperaturas agradable sacompañó a miles de votantes en florida, en el último día de votación anticipada, se cubren del sol con la propia boleta electoral, el promedio de espera es de horas en cada centro de votación . >> llegue a las 10, llevo como 5 o 6 horas esperando. >> y tienes un bebe. >> si, se ha portado bien . >> hostoricamente un 90% sale a votar antes. >> en el departamento de elecciones de miami dade es de mil personas la fila . >> avanza un poco más . >> pero algunos se toman más tiempo y es demasiado lo que se tarda. >> en periodo fue acortado a 8 días y es la boleta más larga en miami - dade . >> además de las diferentes contiendas, es por eso que hacen un llamado a los electores de familiarizarse con la boleta ,para el proceso agilizar. >> todos votaron un 75% en la florida participa en elecciones presidenciales . >> hasta ésta mañana 4 millones de floridanos habían ejercido su derecho al voto . >> ras regreso a los estu
do you think that is? and the miami hurricanes -- a huge game with >> hear this. deangelo hall will play against newton. he will receive a hefty fine and thatrn warning that if will miss time. the redskins are the early against carolina. has been in a sophomore slump. >> you just have to keep especially in this isgue at the position he playing. success.d a lot of i hope for him the best. keeprds to him would be to playing and keep playing with confidence. >> virginia tech at miami, the on a as a favorite the coastal division. the hurricanes are the underdog coming into the game. miami takes the early lead 7-0. down 14-3, the hokies try to back. they close the gap, 14-9. the fourth quarter, this is i says, this is our house. a huge win. miami beats virginia tech 30-12. had you ever seen a snap intercepted? the center's but. he is off to the races with a winning touchdown. the easiest touchdown you will ever see. thought he was underneath. he was there for the taking. game, set, match, see you later. last night was halloween. one of washington's biggest s was dressed in the spiri
are handing out but banks with our partners comcast here in the miami area. if you happen to be in the area, come on down. we are at miami-dade college the north side of downtown miami for the miami book fair. in just a minute the panel in chapman all here at miami-dade college will begin -- will be beginning. dave barry in the onion editors, humor columnist solve them. there will be introduced by brad meltzer who will be moderating the panel. the novelist will be joining us later. ms. kaplan will also be speaking, the founder of the miami book fair, introducing and opening the weekend coverage. in just a minute we'll take you now to chapman all. it's rather full. we will be beginning or coverage varies and. we are live on book tv. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. i had a little bit too much coffee is morning. it is a pleasure to see you. we are delighted to welcome you to the
cÁrcel para miami en illinois,aduana, tiene construcciÓn de una cÁrcel para miami en illinois, pero luego los planes se cambiaron para la ciudad de juliet. pero en esa xhucomunidad se ha estado la polÉmica. >>> el plazo largo un costo de la ciudad de wlu leyjuni juliet >>> la agencia de inmigraciÓn y control busca un lugar adecuado en la Área metropolitana de chicago, para la construcciÓn de esta cÁrcel y los migrantes detenidos estÉn cerca del sitio donde son arrestados. la fiscalÍa mexicana dijo que que hoy el arresto de un mexicano donde viajaban 2 amths de l agentes da de la cia fue bla nadie, y asegurÓ que el ataque fue premeditado. >>> la calidad de los casquillos en la evento deportivo corresponden a las armas de la policÍa federal, los marinos recibieron ataque en morel morelos. junto al dÍa de acciÓn de gracias, siempre gana terreno 88 viernes negro que ha movilizado todavÍa no se inicia la temporada de compras navy derns pe navidad, veremos cÓmo estÁ el ambiente antes del esperado viernes negro que tendrÁs mas de 24 horas. >>> parece mentira pero el impulso por co
and thunderstorms in the southeast, from macon, georgia, into jacksonville, orlando, and miami. a few inches of mountain snow in the northern rockies. morning showers from seattle to portland. warming in the southwest. >> 67 in sacramento. 50s in the pacific northwest. mostly 40s in the midwest and northeast. and miami, getting up to 82. >>> and when we come back after the break, holiday shopping secrets. we'll tell you the best days to hit the mall. >>> and more trouble for toyota owners and for the automaker. there's a new recall. millions of cars. >>> and a doctor of the year behind the wheel in a grinding crash. police say she wrote herself prescriptions for the drugs that got her high. >>> and welcome back, everyone. there's more tarnish this morning on toyota's reputation r reliability. the japanese automaker is recalling almost 3 million cars worldwide because of steering and water pump problems. the two recalls cover more than a dozen models, including the prius. 1 million of the cars were sold here in the u.s. and just last month, toyota recalled more than 7 million vehicles for a
at the lines. i believe we haved with and florida, correct, in miami? >> if that's miami that's my hometown. miami-dade county tend to be more democratic because it's the southern part of the state. that's where the polls are closing. >> cenk nothing more exciting to me than to watch people flocking in sports. >> cenk: there is one thing that can beat it. if they're staying in line, stationery for long hours at a time. >> the other thing about miami lines, these images are every year. they have to fix it, miami. >> you have to fix miami period. have you ever been to miami? it's one big line. guys pull over in the middle of the street. what are you doing? well, i had to go get a cup of coffee. what do you mean? >> cenk, we were saying today as inspiring it was to hear that people are standing in lines for six hours to vote in florida. it took me 45 seconds in los angeles, and i felt guilty. >> if you live in florida you might know how important it is. those people have it seared in their consciousness, as we all do, in florida your vote counts. even if you have to wait six hours. >> we talke
of the room filling up at chop and hall at miami dade college and were just waiting for mr. patterson to get started. this is live coverage running just a few minutes late. again, a reminder you can follow us on facebook and and we have exclusive updates and author interviews, et cetera on her facebook page. just waiting for mr. patterson. this should be to shortly ensure that coverage of the miami book fair international 29th year. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon. please take your seats. we are about to begin the session. thank you so much. i am marilou harrison and many of you have heard from me because he been in this room yesterday and today. i served as a volunteer here, a very proud: tiered of miami book fair international candidate to recognize is that done before, all of the volunteers come to thousands of volunteers for miami dade college as well as the community who come
editor robert frank got a firsthand look at the swanky inventory. >> reporter: we are here in miami with foreigners pouring money into mansions like this one. that's coming up next. >>> the national debt grew $112 million per month, on average, between june 2011 to june 2012. >>> the official holiday shopping season begins this week. we asked you what your plan is. 9% said i'm spending more than last year. 33% said i'm spending about the same as last year. 51% said less than last year. 7% said i'm increasing my donations to charity. that's a good one. let's see what's coming up on "street signs" next hour, 2:00. >>> coming up top of the hour, right as our show kicks off, the cease-fire in gaza begins. we'll take a look at the impact on oil prices. >>> we'll also continue to dissect the finger pointing at hewlett-packard and you a tauto. the blame game is heating up. >>> and stocks that have just waddled along. we'll run through all of those turkey stocks top of the hour. join us. back to you on "power lunch." >>> the mansion market in miami is one of the hotspots in global real esta
voting lines ran up to seven hours in parts of miami. but under state law, any voter who arrived before closing time was allowed to cast a ballot and in this miami suburb, the last vote wasn't cast until just after 1:00 a.m. that was five minutes after governor romney began his concession speech in boston. miami mayor carlos gimenez apologized to voters, but he insisted officials had done all they could. >> we had a very long ballot. it was the longest ballot in florida history. were there problems in certain precincts? without a doubt. >> suarez: and the county elections department said it was simply a numbers game. >> this is volume driven. >> suarez: late today, election workers in miami-dade county and across florida were still counting thousands of absentee ballots. delays mean the presidential result has not been made final. the state has until saturday to certify results and confirm who will get the 29 electoral votes. for more on the ongoing ballot counting in florida and the sluggish voting elsewhere,we turn to marc caputo, the "miami herald's" political writer. and curt anders
are a few programs to keep an eye out for. booktv is live from miami. for eight hours live from miami book fair international. coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and will rear tonight at midnight. we will be alive tomorrow from noon until 5:00 p.m. eastern. on after words this weekend booktv signature program, james patterson discusses his book the ease of destruction:how 1965 transformed america. it airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight and again on sunday at 9:00 p.m. on midnight. those that just a few of the programs we bring you this weekend. visit the for complete schedule. >> here's a look at some upcoming book fairs and festivals happening around country. this weekend booktv is live in the 2012 miami book fair international. we will bring you live coverage of author presentations and panel discussions as well as give you the chance to interact with several authors through facebook chats and call in interviews. for complete schedule of live coverage of visit our web site at also this weekend is the 36 annual boston international book fair. the fair will feature dozens of e
el departamento de elecciones del condado miami dade, con 1500 personas aproximadamente esperan en fila para poder ejercer su derecho al voto, y dicen que no se van a ir, porque la buena noticia es que si están aquí hasta las 7 de la noche, cuando se pare un empleado del departamento de elecciones podrán ejercer su derecho al voto, el presidente barack obama dijo todo el día a través de las redes sociales, diciéndole a los floridanos que salgan a ejercer su derecho al voto, te cuento que en el condado miami dade, lo que ha hecho que las horas de votación sean tan prolongadas, 1, la votación era de 8 días, en las pasadas elecciones presidenciales era de 14 días, lo que hizo que muchas personas pudieran votar, y también número 2 hay 11 enmiendas federales y muchísimas preguntas con temas de interés para los votantes del condado miami dade, regresamos a los estudios. >>> muchas gracias, jenni, el próximo martes no solo se decide si el presidente barack obama continúa en la casa blanca o si el país tiene nuevo presidente, porque también los votantes podrán elegir los
watch for tom wolfe. that is opening night at miami's book fair international. >> this book, in particular, deals with at its heart, with several subjects. but the subtitle is boom and bust in the u.s. that is the way the economy affects our lives and the way the economy gets into our very bodies. it is a book about my arrival in the winter of 1997 when i was broke. i was also broken. and i was on drugs. i was in mexico city where i had gone under a book contract from new york. i got an advance from a new york publisher to write a book. it was a dream come true. in mexico city, by november of 1997, i had crossed the deadline and i didn't have a word written. and i was broke. and i called the only friend i could count on at that time. my lifestyle ruined a lot of friendships. and i said, aria, help me, porfavor. there are a whole lot of circumstances. how did she wind up in the desert? welcome everybody has a story of how they got there. she said we will take care of you, we will give you a place to live. shortly thereafter, i arrived in the desert, and one of the first thing
beach for year, but find out who is traveling sthou thou of miles to call miami their home. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> france's finance minister tries to reassure markets after hoodie's strips the company of it aaa rating. ban ki-moon calls for an immediate cease fire in gaza saying any ground invasion must be avoided. plus the u.s. president barack obama looks set to flag the south china sea issue at the east asia summit in cambodia. french finance minister has responded to the moody's downgrade saying reforms will get the economy back on track. stefane has more details. >> he blames the government, but not only this one for not taking the right decision to improve the economy and i caught up with him holding a press conference this morning. he says it doesn't call into question the if you want als
." the u.s. tied with germany at 16. >>> well, why is basketball legend michael jordan ban friday a miami golf course. >>> plus, when tigers attack, it's all caught on tape. that's next. >>> well, stories making news across america this morning. we begin with a deadly tiger attack at a virginia zoo. it was all caught on tape. children and their parents witnessed a female white tiger killed by a bengal tiger after she took what appeared to be a playful swipe. the animal has been isolated until officials determine how to integrate it back into the tiger exhibit. >>> well, a giant sinkhole the size of four football fields is endangering homes and has shut down one state road. the massive mess in ohio is believed to be caused by a combination of sand dredging and land erosion. the road will be closed until engineers figure out how to permanently repair the road. >>> and finally, two indiana friends had a good laugh at the expense of family and friends after posting a facebook photo of the $1 million powerball ticket. after being congratulated just a few times there, they revealed the photo wa
.s. will soon follow. >> paul: steve? >> the people in miami are hopping mad this week. we just spent 500 million dollars on a new baseball stadium for the miami marlins. they feel double crossed. this week the owner of the team sold off three of their best players in a big cost cutting move. what's ironic about the story, is that the miami dolphins want the taxpayers to pay for renovations for their football stadium down the street in tampa, they want a new baseball stadium all paid for by taxpayers, if you were a floridian would i would say to taxpayers financed stadiums, no mas. >> paul: they briefly, is the u.s. going to intervene in syria? >> no sign of it yet, but before the election
esperaban, >> un ex director de carceles cubanas esta en elojo del huracán en miami >> y tenemos la información deportiva. >> el ejecrito mexicano dio un duro golpe al capturar a ramirez, alias el muñeco o el pelos, el sospechoso fue arrestado en un operativo en méxico salazar ramirez esta acusado en varias operaciones de narcotrafico >> una crisis del frijol se puede germinar en méxico, esto no será lo esperado, puede perjudicar a trabajdores rurales, dicen que no tiene un valor justo y lo que pagan por su cosecha noalcanza para cubrir sus costos de produccion >> los productores de frijol de la republica mexicana dice que los precios bajos se convirtieron en un mecanismo de saqueo para productores rurales >> casi se vende a un precio de atraco, con la complacencia del gobierno federal y con la complacencia del los gobiernos estatales >> a los campecinos estatal un 1kilo le cuesta un dólar y se le paga en 70 centavos, esto se ve reflejado en la venta de la canasta basica >> el negocio ha bajado bastnte porque la gente anda descontrolada en los precios y el frijol se mueve a
in miami-dade county shut down temporarily because workers could not meet the demand. every vote will be important in the election. one side seems intent on making sure not everyone gets to vote. get your cell phones out. we want to know what you think tonight. can voter suppression win for mitt romney? text "a" for yes or "b" for no. joining me tonight, first is ben levolt, national press secretary for the 2012 campaign. very bold prediction tonight by the vice president in his interview with my colleague, chris matthews. do you believe the electoral college is not going to be that close? is the obama team that confident tonight? >> at the end of the day it all comes down to turnout. in a state like nevada, more than 70% will vote by election day we have a 70,000 vote lead there. we have more than 100,000 vote advantage in the bank at this time. we signed up more than 6,600 volunteer shifts for the get out the vote program. it all comes down to turnout in the final hours. >> well, you have the turnout, it looks like. if these early voting hours have been cut, how much concern is
su presidente . >>> lo puede hacer , la recomendacion es que la información será clave desde miami florida noticiero univisión . >>> uno de los problemas , las diferencias de candidatos presidenciales en los últimos 4 años , como nunca antes , nos muestra como se presentan los panoramas en las elecciones . >>> en manos equivocadas , pueden resultar en armas de fuego en la florida ,es evidente cuando una pistola es simbolo de seguridad . >>> más o menos 5 años algunas vez la haz utilizado ? . >>> nunca , más bien por protección la compre . >>> segun los expertos nunca el negocio había sido tan lucrativo el fbi investiga a los , potenciales compradores , se ha disparado por que el miedo que tiene es que pongan leyes más estrictas los expertos han catalogado al presidente barack obama , con más restricciones , para que no se vendíeran armas , los que pretenden frenar el negoci aseguran que comprar armas , es más muerte y masacres , el que es deliuncuente , siempre se busca arma . >>> los crimenes violentos aumentaron en un 18 % el 2011 ,ty este año , se ha vendido 1 millo
the sport itself. >>> to go back on tuesday, the nfl announced san francisco will be bidding against miami for super bowl 50. the runner up will be placed into the bid for super bowl 51. we are hopeful we will win 50. if we are the runner up we would be put against houston for 51. that is how it will work. we look forward to the challenge. >> one other question, may be premature. with the out-of-towners, have you thought about how, if everything is based in san francisco, how the people will get down to santa clara? how that will work? >> we have talked about it and look forward to using the great public transportation. caltrans, great buss that are every morning picking up san franciscans, taking them down to silicon valley. we feel confident and confident we can make that happen in working with sf travel and the other visitor's bureaus down in the peninsula and south bay. we feel confident we can make that happen. >> i would say you see all the seismic retrofitting with the bay bridges, that is another reason why. >> everyone is from san francisco. the tag line was like go sf super bowl.
, but in a market like miami which was dead in the water, miami has a supply of luxury condos because the global markets, all-cash buyers have come in and domestic all-cash buyers have come in and now there are 82 new developments planned or under construction for condos in south florida. >> even with all that overhang and in 2007 there were 35,000 unsold developer units in the downtown area alone. >> so markets can work. >> that's the great thing. >> the free market worked very well. >> let me ask you one more thing. tell me about pricing. i want both of you to tell me about pricing because some of the numbers are interesting and prices are up and in some of these report, 8%, 12% from a year ago, but still, a continue% move is a 10% move. are you seeing that in south florida? >> in south florida, condos went up 28% from a year ago and we're seeing that in washington, d.c., and the markets are strong and it's another market we're operating in and what we're having difficulty with is las vegas and the major market for the company and las vegas is having a lot of difficulty. >> you're national and
nonfiction books and authors. >>> booktv will be live with the miami look for international help on the campus of miami dade college over the november 17th and 18th weekend. we will bring you ten author talks and panel discussions, seven author interview segments and your chance to participate with facebook, et rhetoric come your calls and e-mails and also keep an eye on the facebook page for life author chaz throughout the weekend. feature authors include bill o'reilly the co-author of killing kennedy, the author of the end of men, gerald walsh, the author of what's the matter with white people >>> callamore from booktv college series. brian vandaemark talks about american sheiks, beirut and its founding families. this is recorded at the united states naval academy. it's about ten minutes. on your screen now is brian vandeemark.j) his most recent american sheiks) to families, for generations an) the story of america's influence in the middle east. professor, who was daniel? >> he was the founder of what became the university of beirut. >> how did he go about doing that? >> a lot
thanksgiving picture in miami. she looks a like your sister. >> my mom looks really young. >> stephanie: it is good that jim is not here yet. so inappropriate that picture. >> she's a hotty. >> can we post? >> you can put the picture up. i have a picture of my mom at the game and there's another one of me with my dad at lunch. >> stephanie: daddy's girl. jacki schechner is. >> i have some good-looking parents. i have no idea what happened. >> stop it! you're hot. >> stephanie: miami heat win? >> they did. it was like a last-minute -- they pulled it out over the cavs in the last minute. it was good. >> stephanie: awesome. here she is. daddy and mommy's girl, jacki schechner. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a good holiday. we do expect congress to get back to work today and continue negotiations over the looming automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that could kick in at the start of the new year. the administration is out with a brand new report this morning showing how letting taxes go up for everyone just to
, three best players, duncan parker and ginobili did not suit up against miami. popovich, the league is threatening a heavy, heavy dose of discipline. ray allen nailed the 3. and all the backup players hung in there till the finish, and miami had to ride it out. 105-100 against. you don't sit down all your players. i know it's a long season, but on national tv? >>> and the earthquakes, wondo is the mvp. nice to see another one of my predictions come through. [ laughter ]
and florida. if laura trevelyan is in miami. clyde is in cleveland. let's start with you. have aligned and as long there as they have been everywhere else in the country -- have the lines been as long there as they have been everywhere else in the country? >> they have been pretty long. at about 7:00 this morning, the actual stores open at 6:30 a.m., and there were already 20 people there. and it was a slow trickle. election officials are estimating about 70%, not as high in the previous election. but lorimar, millions have already voted in early voting -- but remember, millions have already voted in early voting in this state. we did see joe biden breeze in to try to shore up the final push for votes. president obama has had a bit of a lead during the last few months and it has tightened in the last few months -- few weeks. unemployment is lower. there are fewer foreclosures. there is a sense of optimism here and that has helped president obama, but it is tight. statistically, is still within the margin of error. we could be in for a long night. >> i hope not. thanks very much. laura
. miami for theu to heat. it up in the third 124-99. the heat winds miami is now 3-1. look at this play off the missed field goal. blastoff, from the back of the end zone. this is quicker than gossip. six minutes after 95 yard return .e had earlier today we got word that demetrius hartsfield tore his acl and will be out for the season. i've never seen anything like it. >> if you see any polling problems tomorrow, let us know website. we will be right back with a at the forecast. bundle of when you go to vote tomorrow. [laughter] storm in this will .e off the coast charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm
! >>> qué tal tu charlie? es más difícil no? >>> es un cambio el tan de miami?¿ >>> twiligth no ha sido deificí'la productora ha sido increíble. >>> mi familia está en peligro! >>> qué creen que kla gente gustará más de este último tíutlo? >>> es un final perfecto, la guinda de la torta, con toda al acción y con vampiros nuevos y vemos a bella como vampiro y aprende rápidamente y tiene mucha acción. >>> si. >>> (mÚsica). >>> no dfejaré que nadie te haga daño. (mÚsica). >>> en serio, todos los vampiros están de moda incluso en miami está el circo del vampiro. >>> los lobitos también! >>> vamos a una pausa comercial y ya regresamos con la guerra de chistes! (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪ (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. una reforma migratoria es la promesa del presidente reelecro barack obama, pero sera posible? investigamos.. anuncian audiencias publicas en torno al tema del cierre de escuelas en el distr
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